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Muro North America Auto Feed Screws

Through our proven and trustworthy design strategy, we have crafted quality screws that are adaptable for countless applications. Our screws work quickly and effectively with our self-driving screw systems to fasten your materials together. Regardless if it is wood to wood or wood to metal, Muro North America has your needs covered.

There are countless applications that our auto feed screws can be used for. Below are the Auto Feed Screws made exclusively by Muro North America. From flooring and drywall to decks and OEM, Muro North America has the auto feed screws you need to get the job done right.

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This chart provides the recommended auto feed screw systems and screws for the specific application you are looking for. For more information about our products we offer informative online brochures and product demonstration videos.

Muro North America is the leader in auto feed service, manufacturing, distribution, engineering and product development. For over 25 years we have built our hard working and respectful reputation by putting our customers first.