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Below are the videos displaying Muro's signature products in action. Click the images to view the videos. Be sure to visit our YouTube page.

Trailer Floors

If you build trailers we can help. Watch how easily the EFVL62 tool drives screws through 2" X 6" PT boards and into 3" square tube. Isn't it time for you to get the Muro advantage?

Temporary Flooring

Have you ever had one on those endless jobs that you keep thinking "there must be a better way". Well there is! Watch this crew install a temporary floor inside an arena. They love their Muro!

Composite Lumber Decks

Save your back and knees by turning that two day job into a neat 4 hour project. Wouldn't you like to be like Gary "I am going home".

Truck or Bus Floors

See how Muro handles OSB sheets on metal frames. Whether a truck, trailer or bus floor, Muro provides a common denominator - easy!

Speed Driver - Decking

Who would have thought driving 3" screws into 2" X 6" PT lumber could be so easy? Muro Speed Driver (FDVL41) lets you leave every job early; you can relax knowing that you exceeded expectations!

Bus Floor

Shuttle Bus manufacturing simplified. Watch the Power Driver (FLVL41) in action, effortlessly driving screws through 5/8" plywood into a 16ga steel frame. Many bus manufacturers are now driving their business with Muro, shouldn't you?

Speed Driver - Decking 2

No job too big or too small for the Muro Speed Driver (FDVL41). Become the envy of every jobsite!

Ultra Driver - Decking

Contractor or DIY'er, Muro turns everyone into a pro. Watch how easy deck building has become when you have the right tool - don't be swayed by inferior brands. Choose Muro, the inventors of Auto Feed Technology!

What Trades Want - Muro Product Review

The boys over at What Trades Want did a review of our collated auto-feed screw guns in action. They test out a couple of our tools to see how they perform in a variety of applications.

Deck Builder - Muro Product Review

Andy Wormer with Professional Deck Builder magazine talks with us about Muro's auto feed screw driving system. Here we demonstrate the coil and strip feed systems that are designed for countless applications.