A Stand Up Screw Gun Engineered for Industry

The proven solution for truck body, RV, trailer, and bus manufacturing. Fasten your floors and side walls without a hitch. Your workers will perform faster and suffer less repetitive strain injuries by using a stand up screw gun.

Our tools work and provide a consistent installation with precise countersinking of the screw heads each and every time. Our industrial-grade stand up screw guns are capable of quickly driving screws into almost any type of material including wood to steel and steel to steel without pre-drilling.

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Muro Screws have been designed to work in all types of flooring materials including but not limited to: plywood, OSB, clear pine, pressure-treated lumber, and apitong. Our stand up screw guns have proven to be effective in drilling and tapping into junior I beam, C-channel, square tube and angle iron; in both steel and aluminum up to 3/16” thick. Muro stand up screw guns auto feed collated screws to the bit quickly and efficiently.

Our screws combine several operations into one simple and fast process, all completed in seconds:Stand Up Screw Gun Engineered for Industry

  • Bore a pilot hole into the wood to reduce board jacking and ensure a tight pull down to the steel or aluminum.
  • Drill into the steel or aluminum
  • Tap the threads for superior holding power
  • Countersink the screw head to a pre-set depth
  • Fast change screws even from the stand up screw gun position

Stand Up Screw Gun for Light or Heavy-Duty Applications.

Muro products are sold worldwide to major manufacturers, making it easy to source collated screws and tools.

A stand up screw gun offers undeniable savings, Muro Auto feed systems have set a new standard for ergonomics in the workplace. Forget about getting on your hands and knees, join the revolution and work while standing up with a Muro purpose-built stand up screw gun.

Contact a Muro representative now to find out the right Muro stand up screw gun for your job. Our qualified and experienced representatives can help you pick the perfect fastener to speed up your job while providing higher quality work to your customers.


The Right Stand Up Screw Gun

For the Job

Power Driver
FLVL42 - Power Driver
Purpose built stand up screw gun for securing lighter gauge floors (wood to steel or aluminum) for OEM's. No one else compares.
Heavy Duty Driver
HDVL71 - Heavy Duty Driver
Tailor made solution for securing heavy gauge floors (wood to steel or aluminum). The heaviest duty system on the market. 100 screws per coil. No one else compares.
Metal Pro II
CH7280 - Metal Pro II
This cordless tool coupled with our wall skinning screw provides a unique solution for side wall fabrication.

To watch our stand up screw guns in action, check out this demonstration product video.