Roofing Screw Gun for Speedy Results

Fasten concrete tile or metal roofs more effectively than you ever thought possible. You no longer need to reach for a single screw while working on complex sloped roofs…finish jobs faster using Muro’s roofing screw gun with collated screws.

Great Roofing Screw Gun for Commercial and Industrial roofs

Roofing will never be the same with our auto Feed Collated Screw Gun systems at your disposal. Perfect for roof stitching or screwing down metal industrial/commercial roofs on steel red iron beams.

Roofing screw guns aren’t all built the same. Take Muro for a test drive and see why it is the industry leader.

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Roofing Screw Gun for Muro Collated Screws

Muro roofing screw gun systems will outperform competitor systems in speed, accuracy all without fear of jamming. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can anchor metal or concrete tile.

Pole-barns come together faster than ever before. For each roofing application you have, we have a roofing screw gun tool that will work for you.


The Right Tools

For the Job

Metal Pro II
CH7280 - Metal Pro II
Tool designed for a variety of #10 & #12 diameter fasteners. Forget about working bent over, stand up for any job!
Easy Driver
CH7241 - Easy Driver
Roofing screw gun to drive pan head stitching screws - up to #10 diameter. Yes, even while standing up.
Ultra Driver
CH7390 - Ultra Driver
The lighter-weight strip feed alternative. Ergonomically friendly, drives screws in a flash. Perfect for securing tile roofs.