Get the job done right the first time with Muro North America’s automatic screw gun systems.

Forget about squeaky floors, our automatic screw gun systems will tightly secure your subfloor and underlayment with ease. Get a standard room screwed down in minutes!

The power provided by our purpose-built automatic screw gun systems can’t be beaten while there has never been an easier way to convert your current drywall screw gun into a faster efficient automatic screw gun systems that can be utilized for many applications.

Our advanced engineering has allowed us to create a jam-free auto loading and driving mechanism that has ergonomics in mind. Work standing up, no more back and knee breaking sessions. With Muro’s height-adjustable T-handle you can easily set it to your own optimum working height and go for hours.

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Automatic Screw Gun Systems Save Time and Money

Muro automatic screw gun systems are fast and efficient, allowing you to screw down large surface areas in a fraction of the time. Just load your auto-feed driver with Muro collated fasteners and you’re good to go.


The Right Tools

For the Job

Speed Driver
FDVL42 - Speed Driver
Purpose built, industrial strength coil feed system for every contractor. It handles 150 screws per coil, which is the largest payload in the industry. This automatic screw gun system stands out among the rest.
Ultra Driver
CH7390 - Ultra Driver
This auto feed strip system is a light-weight strip feed alternative. Ergonomically friendly and drives screws quickly and efficiently.

To watch our automatic screw gun systems in action, check out this demonstration product video.