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Residential roofing Muro tools application

Roofing will never be the same with our Auto Feed Screw Driving systems at your disposal.

  • Perfect for roof stitching or screwing down metal industrial / commercial roofs on steel beams.
  • Pole-barns come together faster than ever before.
  • For each roofing application you have, we have a tool that will work for you.
  • You can relax without reaching for single screws when working multiple stories high off the ground.

Tools For The Job

CH7241WU Auto Feed Screw Driver


Tool to drive pan head stitching screws - up to #10 diameter. Yes, even while standing up. Find out more.

LHVL32 Auto Feed Screw Driver


System to drive hex head screws with rubber washers. Perfect for metal cladding. Find out more.

SHVL62 Auto Feed Screw Driver


Created for those larger roofing jobs (75 screws per coil). Handles a variety of screws, with or without rubber washers. Find out more.