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Muro North America Auto Feed Systems and Decks, Docks and Boardwalks

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Secure your deck, dock or boardwalk quickly and efficiently with one of Muro North America’s Auto Feed Screw Driving Systems.

Muro North America provides a vast array of auto feed screw driving products that get the job done fast. Our systems drive screws quickly and efficiently without losing any quality. When you use Muro auto feed drivers you have the ability to stand while you drive screws. No more working on your hands and knees thanks to Muro North America.

Muro North America auto feed tools offer adjustable depth control for repeatable countersinking. No more raised screw heads! Our auto feed screws can be used for any project and many materials, like:

  • Pressure-treated lumber
  • Composite decking
  • Cedar and exotic hardwoods
  • Dock and boardwalk construction
  • Stair treads
  • Wood to steel applications
  • Steel to wood applications

By investing in Muro auto feed systems you are saving yourself time and money while improving the high quality results you deliver. Our auto feed products can easily be incorporated into your deck, dock or boardwalk construction plan. Our main priority is ensuring that you get the job done right.

Tools For The Job

Speed Driver Auto Feed Screw Driver with Handle

FDVL41 - Speed Driver

Purpose built, industrial strength coil feed system for every contractor. No pre-drilling required, even for exotic hardwoods. Stands out among the rest. Find out more.

Speed Driver Auto Feed Screw Driver with Handle

CH7390 - Ultra Driver

This auto feed screw driver is the light-weight strip feed alternative. Ergonomically friendly and drives screws quickly and efficiently. There’s no pre-drilling required – even for exotic hardwoods. Find out more.

To watch some of our auto feed systems in action, check out our product demonstration videos.