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Applications using Muro North America Auto Feed Systems.

Do you have a specific job, or maybe a list of jobs that you need to get done? Or are you looking for the smartest addition to your tool inventory?

Whatever the case may be, Muro North America offers a large selection of auto feed screw systems, screws and accessories to help you complete your task much more efficiently. Our high-grade products are adaptable and can be used in many different applications.

Each of our auto feed screw driving systems can be used in more than one application. Take the CH7390 Ultra Driver for example, this auto feed driver can be used in a wide range of applications. From docks, decks and fencing, to sheathing and flooring, it offers a variety of helpful uses for any handyman.

Auto feed tool applications can include but are not limited to:

Here’s a detailed chart to help you find the recommended auto feed tools for your specific application. To see some of our auto feed systems in action, check out our product demonstration videos.

Take a look at the main applications below to see the advantages and benefits of using Muro North America certified products.

Deck, Dock and Marine application Decks / Docks / Marine / Boardwalk
Flooring Application Flooring
Drywall Application Drywall
Roofing application Roofing
Trailer, Bus and RV application Truck Body / Trailer / Bus / RV
Trailer, Bus and RV application More Applications