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Muro North America auto feed screws and tools

Muro North America Inc. Service Portal

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Trustworthy. Modern. Powerful.

Muro North America Auto Feed Systems.

Muro North America auto feed products are powerful, innovative and adaptable. We offer a wide variety of advanced auto feed tools, screws, accessories and more. For jobs involving roofing, flooring, decking, drywall and more, Muro North America has you covered.

Muro North America’s auto feed systems have set a new standard for the market. Consistent and effective auto feed installations are what set us apart from others. Our goal is to make it possible for you to complete quality installations using our auto feed drivers and products.


Quick and easy installations with Muro North America auto feed products can save you time and money long-term. Many of our products offer the ability to work while standing up. No more working on your knees and hands. Muro North America puts you and your needs first.


Our versatile and user-friendly auto feed systems are designed to be used for many different applications. Jobs like building fences, drywall installation, HVAC ductwork or roof stitching are a piece of cake with the CH7241 Easy Driver. All of our screws are collated to work with Muro North America auto feed systems.

For more information about our products, we offer informative online brochures and product demonstration videos.


For over 25 years, Muro North America has been providing full service consisting of manufacturing, distribution, engineering and product development functions. Our strong reputation comes from years of hard work, powerful products and respectful customer service.

Review video done by What Trades Want

What Trades Want

Watch Muro collated auto feed screw guns in action. What Trades Want tested and reviews our tools to experience how well they perform in different applications.

Take a look at them in action.

Muro has a wide variety of tools

We Have a Tool For Almost Every Job

Muro North America provides you with the opportunity to get the job done right, the first time. We offer a variety of different tools for many different jobs. Wood framing, fence building, dock manufacturing – you name it!

Find out more about the right tool for your next job.